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1) Who is eligible to join Ukulima SACCO as a member?

Any Kenyan citizen who is a public sector employee, private sector employee, business people and Kenyans living in the diaspora. Chamas and other institutions are eligible to join as corporate members.

2) How do I benefit by being a member of Ukulima SACCO?

  • Favorable interest rates on loans
  • Instant Mobile loans
  • Short loan process turn around times.
  • High annual dividends on shares and interest on deposits
  • Investment opportunities in fixed deposits, land and property

3) What do I need to join Ukulima SACCO SACCO Ltd?

The following documents are required from individual members:

  • A fully filled Membership Application Form.
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Copy of current pay slip (if employed)
  • A recent colored passport size photograph.

4) After acquiring all the above documents, what steps do I take to join the SACCO?

Attach all the other documents/particulars on the Membership Application Form and hand deliver or send via courier to our Head Office at Ukulima Co-op Hse, Heille Selassie Avenue or to any of our Fosa branch near to you.

5) How will I know that my Membership Account has been opened?

An SMS notification with your member number shall be sent to your phone within 48 Hours.

6) Is there a joining fee?

Yes, one-off fee of KES1,000/-

7) Is there a Minimum monthly contribution?

Yes, the Minimum Monthly Contribution is KES 2,800/-

8) How can I effectively communicate with the SACCO?

Through any of the contacts provided on this website. You are advised to always indicate your ID number, Tel Number and email address for written communications.

9) How do I make my monthly remittances - Contributions or loan repayments?

  • Employer check off
  • Bank standing order
  • Through Ukulima Kash App or USSD *822#
  • Ukulima SACCO Paybill 953400
  • Over the counter cash deposit

10) Once I become a member, can I Introduce my friends to join the SACCO?

Yes, you may introduce your friends, colleagues and family to join the SACCO. The SACCO may from time to time consider having a program for paying commission to members when they recruit others.

11) I have a Chama / Investment Group, are they eligible to join the SACCO?

Yes they can join and start patronizing FOSA services immediately. We also have loans for individual chama members and the chama itself up to 5 times savings. The chama need to be a registered one.

1) What do I need when applying for a Loan?

  • A fully completed loan application form.
  • Attach two most recent months’ pay slips (original), TSC employees are requested to release their payslips through the TSC portal.
  • A copy of an acceptable form of identification - National ID or Valid Passport.
  • At-least three guarantors who should be active members. Guarantors’ and applicants’ deposits must be equal to or more than the loan applied for.
  • One must have been an active member for at least six (6) consecutive months with exception of Chipukizi Loan.
  • Refer to micro credit section or brochure for additional requirements for business loans.

2) Must I have guarantors when applying for a Loan?

Yes indeed unless it is our collateral based micro credit loan. Loans granted by the SACCO must be fully guaranteed by members of the SACCO. Guarantors and applicants deposits MUST be equal to or more than the loan applied for. In special cases when total of ones loans is less than deposits one could guarantee him/herself.

3) What other security other than my deposits and guarantors can I use to acquire a loan?

You can access micro credit loans where we accept tangible securities like title deeds, motor vehicle log books etc.

4) If I clear a loan before its completion date will I be required to pay interest for future periods?

No interest or penalty is charged for clearing a loan earlier than the contracted period. There is a clearance commission where refinancing or a new loan is involved.

5) Can I have more than one Loan?

A member can have more than one loan in the SACCO from various categories on offer as long as all lending conditions are met.

6) How long does it take to process a Loan?

Loan processing takes a maximum of ten working days which is dependent on availability of all necessary documentations as lodged by a member. Emergency / Medical / School fees loans take up to a maximum of two days.

7) When am I eligible for a loan from the SACCO after joining?

Most loan products require six months’ of active membership. Exceptions are available through Chipukizi Loan and micro credit loans.

8) Does the SACCO buy off loans from other banks / SACCO / institutions?

Yes. All you need is to attach a certified latest statement indicating the loan balance when applying a SACCO loan.

9) Can I Self Guarantee?

A member can Self guarantee if the loan amount taken is less or equal to the amount of deposits held and must not have any other guarantor liability.

10) What is the allowed deposits to loan borrowing ratio?

The ratio for our BOSA, FOSA and Micro Credit loans are is 1:3 , 1:6 and 1:5 respectively. Micro credit loan should however be secured by tangible collateral to access the 5 times multiplier.

11) What maximum amount can I Borrow?

This largely depends on demonstrable ability to service the requested loan subject to other lending requirements. The SACCO offers different loan types depending on your need. BOSA loans have no maximum limit. FOSA loans and Micro Credit loans have a maximum ceiling of Kshs 3,000,000/- and Kshs 5,000,000/- respectively. Refer to loan products section on this website for more details.

12) If I guarantee someone am I eligible to borrow a loan?

Yes you can borrow.

13) Can I know how many loans I have guaranteed which are still outstanding?

Yes, you can access the information yourself through the Ukulima Kash App. You can also know the guarantors to your own outstanding loan(s).

14) Can my loan be restructured if I am facing financial challenges?

This is possible but very restricted. A loan granted based on appraisal of employment income may be restructured only if there is documentary proof that employment income has been adversely affected. Business loans may too be restructured on case by case basis.

15) What is the procedure for requesting for Loan Restructuring?

Download the Loan Restructuring Form from this website, complete parts 1 and 2 and submit to the SACCO for appraisal and response. Submit alongside a dully completed Business Declaration Form if your loan is business related.

1) Can I withdraw part of my deposits or offset outstanding loan and continue to be a member?

Deposits are neither with-drawable nor available for offsetting a loan unless one is ending membership to the SACCO. Partial withdrawal of deposits is only allowed for members retiring from service.

2) What is the difference between Share Capital and Deposits?

Share capital - Is the money invested in the SACCO by the members as shareholders. It is a permanent /long term member’s contribution toward the SACCO capital and forms part of SACCO equity. It represents your ownership of the SACCO. Currently each member must have a minimum of 1,000 shares each valued at KES 20/- totaling to KES 20,000/-. Shares are non-refundable but transferable to another member.
Deposits - These are the regular monthly deposits. They are used to determine eligibility for a loan and are used as loan security. Deposits can only be refunded/withdrawn when one ceases to be a member.

3) Do I get a return on both my Monthly contribution & Shares?

Yes, the returns in form of interest / rebates on deposits and dividend on shareholding are earned at the end of the financial year.

4) Do I incur any withholding tax on interest and dividend earned?

Yes, 5% withholding Tax

5) Can I purchase more shares than the KES 20,000?

Yes, you can purchase more shares.

6) How can I boost /increase my deposits to qualify for bigger loan?

You can either boost by paying cash or applying for a loan to boost your deposits.

7) How long do I need to have fully paid up Share Capital?

A member should meet the minimum shareholding within 3 years from the date of joining provided no loan will be granted to one before achieving the minimum share holding.

8) Is the Share Capital Refundable?

The share capital is non-refundable but transferable to an existing SACCO member or sold to a SACCO member when you cease being a member.

1. How does the FOSA Account operate?

You can operate your FOSA account just like any other “Bank” account. You can use it to process your salary, make deposits to your account via M-Pesa or over the counter and cheques. Some loans are also paid through FOSA account.

2. How do I access funds from my FOSA Account?

Over the counter withdrawal, ATM card, USSD *882# or Ukulima Kash App downloadable from Google Play Store.

3. How do I deposit money to my FOSA Savings Account?

Over the counter deposit, USSD *882# or Ukulima Kash App downloadable from Google Play Store or Ukulima Paybill. Using paybill number 953400, Account No. is your ID No. In case of Biz current Account put B before ID No. i.e. B12345678

4. How do I open a FOSA account?

All our members automatically get a FOSA account upon joining the SACCO membership.

5. Can I open more than one FOSA account?

Yes, we have different types of accounts you can open like Fosa Savings, Biz Current, Junior, Fixed Deposit, Holiday accounts among others.

6. What are the rates offered for Fixed Deposit?

We offer very competitive interest rates for periods ranging from 3 Months and above

7. What happens if I withdraw the funds before the maturity?

You automatically forfeit all the interest

8. Will I be subjected to tax for the interest earned on Fixed Deposit?

Yes, 15% withholding Tax.

9. Can I access Salary Advance if I am processing my salary with the SACCO?

Yes you can apply via USSD *882# or Ukulima Kash App.

10. Are fees charged for Salary Processing?

Only KES100/-

11. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw over the counter?

There is no maximum limit

12. How can I acquire a SACCO Link ATM Card?

SACCO Link ATM Cards can be obtained by all members after making an application at the nearest FOSA branch.

13. Where can I use the ATM Card?

Round the clock ATM withdrawals can be done at any Point of Sales (POS) terminals i.e. supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants etc. You can use it throughout the country and overseas at any VISA branded ATM machines.

14. Who can qualify for an ATM card?

Any member operating a FOSA Account qualifies for an ATM card.

15. How long does it take to replace a lost/expired ATM card/pin?

Nairobi customers get instant Cards and PINs upon visiting FOSA Office, It takes 2 weeks for customers outside of Nairobi.

1) What is Benevolent Fund (BF)?

  • Also referred to as Risk Fund, this is a mandatory insurance scheme for all Ukulima SACCO members. Each member contributes Kshs 300/- on monthly basis.
  • The fund is used to pay for the Last Expense benefits, pay off the outstanding loans for a deceased member and double the deposits refundable to the beneficiary (nominee).
  • Last Expense entitlements are Kshs 60,000/-, Kshs 40,000/- and Kshs 30,000/- in case of a deceased member, spouse or child respectively.
  • For efficiency in payment, members are advised to update their nominees with the SACCO to avoid potential legal challenges. In case of more than one nominee, indicate percentage allocation for each nominee.

2) What attachments are required when filling a BF Claim?

  • A copy of death certificate
  • Burial permit
  • Notification of death by Delegate or Beneficiary
  • Spouse and Children details must be in the SACCO’s records as prior declaration(s) by principle member.

3) How do I update my details for spouse and children?

Download the requisite form from this website, complete and submit.

4) What happens if I don’t get a misfortune?

The contributions are non-refundable annual insurance premiums.

5) Can I change my next of kin?

Yes you can by filling and submitting a next of kin form

1) How can I know my accounts balance(s)?

Check thorough your mobile phone by dialing *882# or through Ukulima Kash App. You may also choose to send us an email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) What are the services offered under Mobile Banking?

One can make balance inquiry, withdraw money from FOSA account to M-pesa account and vice versa, access mobile loans, get account mini statement among others.

3) How do I subscribe to Mobile Banking Services?

You need to register at your nearest Fosa Branch by visiting and filling in our UKULIMA KASH Application Form. After your application has been processed, you will receive an SMS alert with a PIN on your mobile phone.
This service can be accessed through the Ukulima Kash Application which can be downloaded from the google play store. Alternatively, the USSD Code *882# may be used.

1) Must I withdraw from the SACCO membership when I am retiring from employment service?

No, you can continue with your membership by remitting deposit contributions and benevolent of Kshs 500/- and 300/- respectively. Pensioners are allowed to reduce minimum deposit contributions from Kshs 2,500/- to Kshs 500/-.

2) Will I continue accessing loans if I am retired?

Yes, provided you channel your pension through Ukulima Fosa. To smoothly channel your pension through Fosa, get a recommendation letter before you retire from the Fosa Manager to submit to your employer or to Government Pensions department alongside your other particulars.

3) What do I need to do when withdrawing from the SACCO?

Complete the prescribed membership withdrawal notice (form) which is readily available at our offices. A member needs to inform all loanees he/she has guaranteed so that they seek alternative guarantor(s) for their outstanding loans. The process takes 60 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice at the SACCO and only when the necessary requirements have been met i.e. member must have cleared all his/her liabilities with the SACCO and has replaced all the members he/she has guaranteed.




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