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Mwavuli Deposit

These are the continuous monthly deposits that members make to the Sacco throughout their membership.

The benefits are:

tgreen  Accumulation of savings gradually
tgreen Used as loan multiplier
tgreen Earn attractive and competitive interest
tgreen Wealth creation
tgreen Security for loans

Diaspora Fosa Account Features

This is Ukulima Sacco’s transactional account which operates as a current account. This account has a minimum balance of $ 100 and amounts above $ 200 earns competitive interest and has no monthly charges.

The account is used for:

tgreen Clearing standing Orders
tgreen Loan repayments
tgreen Cheque clearing
tgreen Dividends payment
tgreen Withdrawals
tgreen Sacco Assurance
tgreen EFTs, RTGS, etc
tgreen Transactions via Debt cards and ATM, Ukulima Sacco Cheque Book, Mobile banking


The Sacco offers competitive returns on Fixed Deposits Reserve (FDR);

tgreen Minimum amount for a fixed deposits is $1000
tgreen No monthly charges
tgreenFor current fixed deposit rates click here


We offer the following products proposition for Diaspora Market
tgreen Loan Types
Normal Development Loan

Long term loan with an interest rate of 1% per month, reducing balance, it has a Loan Tenor of up to 48 months and a Loan Amount worth 3x Mwavuli Deposits.
tgreen Jitegemee development loan

Long term loan with an interest rate of 1.2% per month, reducing balance, it has a Loan Tenor of up to 72 months and a Loan Amount worth 3x Mwavuli Deposits.

One should make a Contractual monthly deposit of 5,000/ or 1% of loan approved (whichever is lower).

1. Enable member’s access funds at competitive rates with flexible security requirements.
2. Higher multiplier of Mwavuli Deposits (x3) with longer repayment periods.
3. Fast processing of loans and Savings stimulus for members.
4. Flexible repayment period extending to 72 months for savings exceeding one (1) Million.



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